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Establishing a Trust with our experienced and knowledgeable Trust Department offers you financial security for your family and can protect assets from sudden adversity.  In addition, professional money management by our Trust Department offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuable property is in safe hands and under experienced management.          

Our Full Trust Services include but are not limited to:

Trust Accounts
There are many valid reasons to establish a Trust. You may have heirs who are not prepared to handle an inheritance; you may set one up for tax planning purposes; or you may have other situations in which you need to protect assets. Whatever your reason, we would like to be part of your estate planning team.  We would be happy to talk to you about your needs.  There is no cost and no obligation.

If you are in need of a Trust you are most likely in need of a corporate Trustee.  First State Bank & Trust Co. can fill that need.  We have an experienced staff that has the resources to provide accurate accounting, wise investments and the knowledge to fulfill the goals of the Trust.  In addition, our actions are audited by a CPA firm and examined by bank regulators.  You can rest easy knowing that your assets are being handled the way you intended.  You are also assured that the Trustee will be there for as long as needed; something that cannot be said for an individual trustee.

Estate Administration
First State Bank & Trust Co. offers you the benefit of experience and professionalism when acting as executor.   The executor you name in your will is charged with settling your estate.  Your executor must take over management of your property and carry out your wishes as outlined in your will.  For this reason, choosing an executor is extremely important.  A fully qualified executor should be constantly available, be financially responsible, be experienced, be impartial and have the equipment necessary to provide comprehensive accounting reports. 

Investment Management

We at First State Bank & Trust Co. have the knowledgeable, experienced staff to take the worry out of your investment program.  To put us to work, you simply execute a brief agreement to have your securities or the money you wish to invest delivered to us.  You continue to own your securities.  You can change your instructions whenever you wish.  And you’re absolutely free to close your account if ever it ceases to meet your needs.  Our services begin with a simple Custody Account where we provide physical protection, collection of income, buy or sell securities at your direction and provide records for tax preparation.  With Investment Management we make investment decisions as your agent, as spelled out in the agreement.  The agreement can be very specific or leave us with a great deal of latitude in selecting which investments best meet your needs.  The cost of our service is always moderate and depends on the value of the investment in our care and the scope of the duties you wish us to perform.

For information or an appointment, please contact:


Sharon Lessard

(620) 285-6931



Taylor Briggs

(620) 672-5925


Overland Park:

Douglas Briggs

(913) 327-1111




NOTE: Please do not send confidential information via email as security cannot be guaranteed.


Stocks, bonds and mutual funds are not deposits of any bank; are not guaranteed by any bank; and are not insured or guaranteed by the FDIC. Investment in mutual funds, stocks or bonds involves risk, including possible loss of principal. Additional information is available from our Trust Officers. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.